Man Kills 21-Month-Old Baby For Not Letting Him Sleep

Man Kills 21-Month-Old Baby For Not Letting Him Sleep Promo Image

An Oklahoma man is being charged with child abuse murder after slamming his girlfriend's infant child against a wall and punching the baby in the stomach.

The incident occurred on Dec. 8. Zachary Collins, 24, was watching his girlfriend's three children when he became angry because a 21-month-old child kept him from sleeping, KOKI reported.

The child's mother was at work at the time, according to police reports obtained by Tulsa World. When she arrived home, she found Collins on the couch with the baby.

“She immediately observed that (the child) was not doing well,” police wrote in an affidavit. “She observed bruising on his forehead and lips.”

The mother called police. The infant was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition. The baby was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

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Collins, who is reportedly the baby's father, initially told police a 3-year-old child had pushed the baby off of his bed. However, the infant's injuries were too severe and were not consistent with Collins' story, police said.

According to the police affidavit, the baby suffered "massive blunt force head trauma and internal bleeding, as well as abdominal trauma."

Collins later admitted that he slammed the child's head against a wall, punched him in the stomach and slammed him onto a couch. He slammed the child with so much force that he left a hole in the wall, according to police reports obtained by KOKI.

Collins wiped the blood off of his baby's face before placing him on the couch.

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“Zachary (Collins) stated that he was frustrated with (the child) for not allowing him to sleep,” police said in the affidavit.

According to investigators, Collins admitted to authorities that he had consumed a six-pack of beer and a pint of tequila on the night of the incident.

Collins' charges of child abuse and neglect were upgraded to child abuse murder after the baby was pronounced dead. He is being held in Tulsa prison without bond.

Court records indicate that Collins was already on a suspended sentence for drug-related convictions. He also had an ongoing domestic assault case.

Law enforcement officials did not specify whether anyone else will be facing charges. The district attorney has reportedly been cracking down on mothers who leave their children with violent boyfriends.

Prosecutors have previously charged mothers in child abuse cases when they believed they could prove the mothers left the children with their boyfriends despite knowing about their abusive tendencies.

Sources: KOKI, Tulsa World / Featured Image: Max Pixel / Embedded Images: Tulsa PD and Handout via Daily Mail

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