Oklahoma Half Sisters Meet For First Time In 85 Years

Two Oklahoma half sisters met for the first time in 85 years on Monday.

Zelda Gates, 85, did not even know she had a half sister, 94-year-old Reta Knight, until she saw her father’s will.

"It was a shock. My brothers and I looked at each other," Gates told KOTV.

The pair met in Jenks, south of Tulsa, on Memorial Day.

Knight told Gates that her father had abandoned them, and she and her mother never knew why.

"I just wondered what he was like and wondered how come he never tried to find mother or mother try to find him," Knight said. "I don't know what the connection was, or what happened between them. I often wondered but I didn't know, and when I asked mother she was rather evasive, so I didn't push it."

The two women live about 250 miles apart.

They were both delighted to meet each other.

“We look so much alike,” said Gates. "It's unbelievable."

"No I didn't say she looked like me, I just said she looked good, and I mean that," Knight laughed.

The sisters are already planning their next visit.

Sources: WAOW, KOTV


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