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Oklahoma Family Discovers Giant Carp In Their Front Yard After Flooding

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An Oklahoma family found the surprise of a lifetime when they discovered an enormous fish in their front yard after a storm on Saturday night.

Chelsi Wallingford’s home has a pond and a small stream in the backyard. When a storm hit her family’s town of Muskogee, Oklahoma, both the stream and pond flooded.

The water eventually found its way to their front yard. The next day, the family discovered a giant carp on their property.

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“We are guessing the fish was swimming upstream from the Arkansas River and tried to cross our yard and got stuck as the water receded,” Wallingford told News9. “My husband noticed the fish as he was coming home from church.”

According to Wallingford, the family’s front yard is roughly 150 yards away from the river.

“We didn’t weight i but we are guessing it was close to 35 pounds,” Wallingford added.

This comes in the wake of widespread flooding occurring throughout the state of Oklahoma. The National Guard has even been called upon to assist 10 adults and 3 children who were trapped in a cabin due to flooding, according to News9.

Record rainfall throughout the state has also left at least four people dead over the weekend, NPR reports.

Source: News9(2)NPR

Photo Credit: News9, FEMA/WikiCommons


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