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Oklahoma Cop Steps On Man's Face While He's In Police Custody (Video)

A newly released police body-cam video (below) shows an unidentified police officer stepping on a suspect's face with his boot after the suspect was taken into custody by other officers in Henryetta, Oklahoma, in July.

Police chased Gary Hubbs, who allegedly robbed a Dollar General store while armed with a knife, across Interstate 40 highway and into a wooded area where they used a stun gun on him.

According to The Henryettan, Officer Joey Cantrell was the officer who caught Hubbs.

Civil rights attorney Mitchell Garrett told KJRH, which obtained the arrest video from an anonymous source:

"Now, this is the first time we see something a little concerning in the video. At a 1:07 into the video, where you hear one officer whispering very low to the other officer, possibly the one with the body cam, 'Turn it off.'"

A police officer, who was not part of the chase, is then seen stepping on Hubbs' face.

Garrett added:

"What's concerning to me is when you see someone who is not even involved in the chase scene applying quite a bit of force to the suspect's head and neck, you know, once the suspect is fully in custody.

"The officer with the body-cam then turns away from the scene so that it cannot be captured on video."

Henryetta Police Chief Steve Norman told KJRH by phone: "I believe in this situation he was justified in holding him down."

Garrett stated, "Just from the video evidence presented, it appears that there was improper application of force."

Norman tried to justify the incident by noting the weather: "That day the heat index was probably 110. These guys doing the chasing were worn down and the other officer was giving them a break."

Norman also tried to paint police officers as victims in the court of public opinion: "Everyone is against law enforcement. That's why they're having such a hard time filling positions."

The Okmulgee County District Attorney's Office is not going to charge the officers, but Hubbs' lawyer Mary McMillan said in a statement:

"Excessive force by law enforcement seems to be a phenomenon sweeping across our nation. Prevention comes with education and training. When I see evidence that my clients’ civil rights have been violated, I purse remedies to the fullest extent of the law."


Sources: KJRHThe Henryettan / Photo credit: KJRH Screenshot


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