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Oklahoma Cop Runs Over Woman Armed With Gun (Video)

Madison Dickson, a 21-year-old wanted suspect, was run down and killed by a police officer in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on March 18 (video below).

The Tulsa Police Department released a dash cam video that shows police chasing a white pickup truck that gets blocked by a minivan that was not part of the chase, notes KOTV.

Dickson gets out of the truck, and flees down a sidewalk with a gun in her hand as Officer Kayla Johnson and Detective Ronnie Leatherman fire shots at her.

Officer Jonathan Grafton drives his squad car up on the sidewalk and plows into her.

After the injured young woman was unresponsive to police commands, an unidentified officer used a stun gun on her.

Police radio audio shows that the officers didn't appear to know who had fired the gunshots.

The police department previously stated that Dickson fired her gun at the cops, who then returned fire, but Sergeant Dave Walker said it doesn't appear that Dickson fired her weapon.

According to police, Dickson was wanted in connection to several shootings.

Only three months before she was killed by police, Dickson quit going to the Teen Challenge Freedom House Women’s Center in Checotah where she battled drug addiction, reported Tulsa World.

Brittany Stieber, who met Dickson at the faith-based facility, recalled her friend:

I grieve for the people that have been affected by all this. I pray for everybody, that everybody recovers well. But I just want to say Madison wasn’t just that person that’s on the news. Deep down, she was a good person. Drugs just got the best of her. The enemy got the best of her.

According to Stieber, she and Dickson both fell in with the wrong crowd and drugs prior to going to the religious rehab center in 2015:

When I first met Madison, I immediately felt attracted to her. I felt like we had a lot in common. We come from such different walks of life, but yet we’ve gone through a lot of the same struggles and problems. I don’t consider Madison just a best friend. I consider her blood like family.

Karen Coon, the program director at the Teen Challenge Freedom House Women’s Center, says on the center's website that prayer is part of the treatment program:

Teen Challenge strives to be the very best faith based facility available, providing prayer, counseling, a disciplined environment, teaching, recreation and job-skills training.

The individual serious about changing their life can find the help they need, at Teen Challenge, to complete what they have started out to do; to get free of substances and become all that God has intended for them to be.

We pray that you will make this choice and seize the opportunity by contacting us to begin your program of recovery today.

Sources: KOTV, Tulsa WorldTeen Challenge Freedom House Women's Center / Photo credit: Madison Dickson/Facebook via

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