Oklahoma Cop Shoots, Kills Unarmed Man (Video)


A police body camera video (below) released on July 11 shows an officer shooting an unarmed man in Wagoner, Oklahoma, on June 7.

According to police, Andrew Henson led the cops on a chase after leaving a traffic stop, and hit one police car causing his car to flip over, notes KOTV.

In the video, Officer Robert Reynolds told Henson, "Get on the ground!" and "Show me your hands!" and then he fired, all in about five seconds.

Reynolds reportedly thought Henson had a gun and shot him four times. After Henson fell to the ground, Reynolds shot him a fifth time. Henson did not have a gun.

After shooting Henson five times, Reynolds commanded the motionless man: "Don't f----- move!"

"Mr. Henson failed to comply with the commands he was given, and he reacted to what he perceived," Wagoner Police Chief Bob Haley said.

After shooting Henson, Reynolds said on the video to Officer Donnie Cox: "Donnie, I don’t know if he’s got a gun, he pointed it at me. I got him covered."

Neither Cox or Reynolds are seen performing any medical aid on Henson in the video.

According to Haley, Henson had a Mississippi warrant for burglary, attempted to injure police during the chase and put civilians at risk.

Henson's family and friends have created a memorial where the 20-minute chase came to a violent end.

"I ain't never going to forget this," witness Cynthia Crawford said. "I visit him almost every day, or every other day. I come down here and I plant them flowers down there for him."

Homeowner Bailee Yoder said: "I don't second-guess [the police] at all."

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation stated that Henson "made a threatening move toward the officer," reports the New York Daily News.

Tulsa TV station KJRH posted a video on YouTube entitled: "RAW: Wagoner police body camera captures video of fatal shooting of suspect Andrew Henson," but edited the actual shooting out and added the disclaimer: "KJRH has made the decision to not show the shooting or Henson's body."

The unedited version of the shooting can be seen below.

WARNING: Graphic video

Sources: KOTV, New York Daily News, KJRH/YouTube / Photo credit: Wagoner, Oklahoma Police Department via YouTube

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