Cop Points Gun At Two Young Boys Before Shooting And Killing Dog

An Oklahoma cop is under fire for allegedly pointing his gun at two young children before fatally shooting the family’s dog.

According to reports, an unidentified officer arrived at Cindy Wickham’s home after receiving a report of screaming at the residence. When he arrived, Wickham, her two young nephews, and their two dogs were playing in the backyard, and when the officer approached the fence, Wickham told him not to come through the gate because she wasn’t sure if the dogs would jump on him. He didn’t listen to her, however, and entered the back gate into the yard.

“I said, ‘Don’t come in,’” said Wickham to KOKH. “And he just went ahead and went in.”

When the officer entered the backyard, one of the dogs, Charlie, approached him and started to sniff. Suddenly, the sheriff’s deputy pulled out his gun, pointed it at the two children, and fired a fatal shot into the dog.

“It just happened so fast that I couldn’t do nothing, I couldn’t prevent it.” Said Wickham. “The only thing I could do was put my nephews behind my back.”

Logan County authorities have yet to comment on the claims, but the officer in question reportedly says that the dog bit him. Still, Wickham maintains that the incident happened out of nowhere, and a neighbor who witnessed the situation agrees.

“I could see [the deputy] waving the gun back and forth at her and the dog,” said neighbor Kaci Malicoat.

Authorities say the incident is currently under investigation.


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