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Oklahoma Denies Man License Plate Supporting LGBT Community

A heterosexual man from Oklahoma City says he will do whatever it takes -- even if it means spending a great deal of money and time to sue the Oklahoma Tax Commission -- in order to be allowed to drive with a personalized license plate that reads 'LGBTALY,' or LGBT ally.

Dr. John Keefe II applied for the license plate in December because he says he wants to show his support for the LGBT community and believes Oklahoma discriminates against the gay community. His request was rejected on the basis that the plate has "sexual" connotations, which is against agency rules, reports KFOR.

"It's not sexual, it's about who people are as human beings," Keefe told KFOR.

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Keefe, who is married with two children, filed a lawsuit against the OTC on Monday, claiming it is violating the Open Records Act. The agency wouldn't reportedly grant him a list of all approved personalized license plates when he made the request in March.

"I would say this is a lot bigger than just being about a simple license plate, this is about the equal protection under the United States Constitution, this is about the freedom of speech," Keefe said. 

Keefe, who says his sister and a lot of his friends are gay, hired an attorney to help him fight the agency's rule and make the term 'LGBT' more acceptable, reports KOCO.

"Socially and politically, the landscape is different now and people's attitudes are different," Charles L. Broadway, Keefe's attorney told KOCO.

In his petition, which has received 406 signatures on, Keefe argues that: "The LGBT community and its allies cannot and will not continue to be made into second class, unequal residents and citisens [sic] of the United States and of Oklahoma. They, too, deserve their freedoms, liberties and their pursuit of happiness, as guaranteed by the United States Constitution. We have to stand with the LGBT community against the OTC and demand justice, fairness and equality!"

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Photo Credit: KOCO


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