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Oklahoma City Cops Used Stun Gun On Bleeding Man To Subdue Him, He Dies (Video)

Police allegedly used a stun gun and pepper spray on Darrell Gatewood, causing him to die on March 1 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Gatewood's girlfriend Ruth Temple called 911 because Gatewood was reportedly out of control and had knocked over a glass cabinet.

When police arrived, they say Gatewood was lying on top of some broken glass on the floor inside an apartment (video below)

"He was cut," Captain Paco Balderrama told Fox 25. "He obviously needed medical attention and the officers were trying to subdue him in order to get him that medical attention so that he didn't hurt anybody else or himself any further."

To get Gatewood medical attention against his will, officers reportedly dragged him outside into a puddle of water.

Oklahoma City officers repeatedly used a stun gun and pepper spray on Gatewood to get him to comply and obey, say reports. The officers then used physical force.

After subduing Gatewood, police handcuffed the 47-year-old man, who had not committed any crime. Police claim that's when Gatewood went into medical duress. Officers tried CPR, but Gatewood died, noted KFOR.

The Oklahoma Police Department defended the officers, claiming they followed protocol.

“We’re not saying that the Taser was the cause,” Balderrama told News OK. “We’re saying that a Taser was one of the things that was utilized to try to get the person into custody, but there were also many other factors ultimately contributing to the death of that person.”

“We believe that it is a very effective tool to obtain people’s compliance instead of using deadly force,” added Balderrama.

Amnesty International reported in 2012 that at least 500 Americans have been killed with the supposed non-lethal Taser.

Gatewood may have been using a drug, K-2, at the time. An autopsy will determine the exact cause of death, say police.

Sources: KFOR, Fox 25, News OK, Amnesty International
Image Credit: Fox 25 Screenshot


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