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Oklahoma City Cop Accused Of Abusing 7-Month-Old Baby (Video)

Oklahoma City Police Officer Jeremiah Thompson and his wife became foster parents of a 7-month-old baby girl and her 2-year-old sister back in October 2014.

Thompson called 911 on Nov. 18, 2014, because the baby was throwing up and having trouble breathing. His wife was not home at the time.

According to court papers, he told the 911 operator, "I did drop her as well ... from a height of 3 to 4 feet ... onto padded carpet."

However, doctors believe that the baby's injuries were not caused by one fall, but rather from repeated shaking (video below).

Officer Thompson was recently charged with child abuse, but has pleaded not guilty.

“This is very sad for everyone involved — the foster family, our agency, the biological family,” Oklahoma Department of Human Services spokesperson Sheree Powell told News 9. “This is a tragedy."

“This particular foster parent did that, passed all of his background checks, home study was glowing on the family and also completed all the training,” Powell added.

Both of the children were removed from the Thompsons' home. The baby has suffered seizures and skull pressure because of her injuries, and she may be brain damaged for life, noted The Free Thought Project.

Officer Thompson is on a paid suspension from the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Sources: News 9, The Free Thought Project / Image Credit: News 9 Screenshot


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