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Okla. Woman Robbed At Late Husband's Grave

It’s hard to get much lower than robbing a female senior citizen, but how about robbing her as she was walking to her late husband’s grave? That’s what happened to Tona Herndon of Bethany, Okla., last Thursday, who was on her way to place flower at her husband Russell’s grave. When she exited her car, a man stole her purse, which contained money and her personal information.

"With her driver's license, it has all the addresses. They know where she banks, they know where she shops. They had her Medicare card [and] her retirement card. All of that information is now in the public domain with someone she doesn't know," her son, Greg, told Oklahoma’s KWTV.

While the loss of property and potential for greater harm is still dangerous, Tona feels as though she’s lost more than mere money, but a special place where she can honor her husband in safety.

“After 60 years, there’s a lot of memories there. That should be a place that she should be able to go to and have peace and comfort. She’ll tell you that’s the closest she can get to him at this point,” Greg said. “When someone will go to that point and rob a little old lady at a fresh grave, what is it that they will not do?”

Police believe they may have a lead on suspect who attempted to use Herndon’s credit card at a local Walmart.

Herndon is not the only person recently victimized by a mugger at a gravesite. Anthony Giamoni, 29, was charged with robbery, theft and simple assault July 5 after robbing a disabled woman and her son at the Easton, Penn., grave of her mother for a vigil.

Sources: KWTV, Easton Patch


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