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O.J. Simpson Not Getting A Retrial, Nevada Supreme Court Rules

The Nevada Supreme Court has denied former NFL player O.J. Simpson's request for a retrial on Thursday. Simpson, 68, has served seven of his nine to 33 year sentence after being found guilty in 2008 of masterminding an armed-robbery at a Las Vegas hotel room. 

The three-person panel consists of Justices Ron Parraguire, Michael Douglas and Michael Cherry, who released a 16-page order that laid out why they agreed with a lower court to reject Simpson’s request for a retrial, Fox 12 Oregon reports.

''We ... conclude the district court did not err in denying these claims,” the order reads. 

In October 2007, Simpson and five other men allegedly broke into a Las Vegas hotel room, resulting in charges of armed-robbery and kidnapping. Simpson argued that he was trying to reclaim his stolen memorabilia but the Nevada jury ruled against him.

Simpson’s representation consists of Las Vegas attorneys Osvaldo Fumo, Thomas Pitaro and Patricia Palm. They argued that Simpson’s original lawyer, Yale Galanter, had mishandled his defense, turning the jury against him by allowing unflattering evidence to be shown.

The order released by the panel disagrees with this; Parraguire writes that “none of the complained-of-evidence was relevant.” 

Simpson has also accused Galanter of intentionally botching his defense due to a conflict of interest, claiming that it was Galanter who advised him on how to reclaim his stolen property. 

The panel also dismissed this claim, noting that Galanter never advised Simpson to lead a break-in. 

The order makes it clear that the judges believe the evidence against Simpson was insurmountable and that his guilty verdict was not due to poor representation.

"There was substantial evidence that he conspired with others to set up the property-recovery plan, including the inveigling of the victims and the use of force,” the judges wrote in the order, according to Courthouse News.

Simpson, while once a celebrated NFL running back, became infamous during one of the most publicized murder trials in U.S. history when he stood accused of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend Ronald Goldman. Simpson was found not guilty of the crime, only to be incarcerated over a decade later for his Las Vegas break-in. 

Simpson will be eligible for parole in 2017. 

Sources: Fox 12 Oregon, Sporting News, Courthouse News

Photo Credit: Sporting News, Yahoo! News Screenshot


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