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O.J. Agrees To Take Paternity Test For Khloe Kardashian

O.J. Simpson has reportedly agreed to take a paternity test to see if Khloe Kardashian is his daughter.

Jeffrey Felix, a former guard at Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada who recently published a tell-all book on Simpson called "Guarding the Juice: How O.J. Simpson became my Prison BFF," told The Daily Mail that Simpson wants Kardashian to "show him a little respect" by personally visiting him at at the prison. He will then agree to have his mouth swabbed for the DNA sample the paternity test requires, according to Felix.

"O.J. will do it and the prison officials have told him they will allow it," Felix said.

"He wants to talk to her about some other things too, but more importantly like her he wants to know if she is his daughter," he added.

Kardashian’s paternity has been questioned for years. The rumors that she is not the late Robert Kardashian’s biological daughter resurfaced earlier in June after a documentary on the former lawyer, called "The Man Who Saved O.J. Simpson," brought the subject up.

Felix said in the documentary that Khloe begged Simpson to take a paternity test so the matter could finally be put to rest.

Kris Jenner, Khloe’s mother, has admitted to being unfaithful during her marriage to Robert but has not revealed with whom she had an affair.

"Khloe is not his kid — he told me that after we got married," Jan Ashley, Robert’s second wife, previously told Star magazine in an interview, according to The Daily Mail.

Jenner, however, rejected the idea that Khloe is not Robert’s biological daughter.

“It just gets weirder and weirder,” she said in an interview. “I have never heard such c**p in my life. I mean, I was there! I gave birth, I know who the dad was.”

Robert was a close friend of Simpson and was one of the lawyers who represented him when he was accused of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman.

O.J. was found not guilty in 1995 of the murders in a criminal trial but was later found liable for the two deaths in a civil suit brought against him by the victims' families, according to ABC News.

Felix said he thinks O.J. did murder Nicole and Goldman.

“O.J. told me one time that only two people alive know who committed the Brentwood murders: him and Al Cowlings,” Felix told ABC News. “Al Cowlings was the one that drove the white Bronco and [he] was O.J.'s best friend.”

“When O.J. was washing his hands and looked in the mirror, I said, ‘Juice, you just solved the Brentwood murders. You’re looking at the murderer right in, in the mirror,’” he added.

"He gave me kind of a dirty look and then he kind of smiled afterwards," Felix recalled. "He kind of shrugged it off a bit."

O.J. is currently serving a 33-year sentence for kidnapping and robbery. He is up for parole in 2017.

Sources: The Daily Mail, ABC News / Photo Source: Mirror

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