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O.J. Simpson Nabbed In Jail For Stealing Oatmeal Cookies From Lockup Cafeteria

Disgraced former pro football star and Hollywood actor O.J. Simpson is in trouble again. This time, he was reportedly apprehended for pilfering oatmeal cookies from the prison cafeteria in Lovelock Correctional Center, the Nevada prison where he is serving a 33-year term.

Simpson was convicted in 2008 on armed robbery and kidnapping charges, stemming from an incident at  Las Vegas hotel the previous year, in which Simpson broke into a man’s hotel room and, with three accomplices, robbed a large amount of sports memorabilia at gunpoint.

He was granted parole on some of the charges against him back in July, but he still must serve another four years in the lockup on other charges.

Guards suspected Simpson was up to something when they noticed him acting suspiciously in the cafeteria. They searched him and found the 66-year-old former Buffalo Bills running back concealing a dozen oatmeal cookies under his shirt.

Once a chiseled, world-class athlete, Simpson — nicknamed “Juice” during his career — is now overweight and severely diabetic. Doctors have reportedly ordered him to stay on a special diet, but he has largely ignored their efforts.

A member of pro football’s Hall of Fame, when he retired in 1980 Simpson was second on the NFL’s all-time leading rushers list. Starting while still an active player, and continuing after his retirement, he appeared in several Hollywood films, among them The Towering Inferno, Capricorn One and most famously, all three Naked Gun comedies.

But Simpson is most-remembered for the gory knife-slayings in 1994 of his then-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman. Simpson was charged with the murders and despite apparent evidence against him, he was found not guilty after a televised, year-long trial that generated a media circus.

In 1997, he faced a wrongful death suit by Goldman’s father. A jury in that case found that Simpson was liable for the two killings.

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