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O.J. Simpson Banned From Vegas Hotel For Being Drunk

O.J. Simpson Banned From Vegas Hotel For Being Drunk Promo Image

O.J. Simpson was reportedly kicked out of a Las Vegas hotel's bar for being "drunk and unruly."

The incident occurred on Nov. 8. The 70-year-old former football star was having drinks at Clique, a bar located in upscale hotel-casino Cosmopolitan, TMZ reported.

Simpson was reportedly thrown out of the bar by security after allegedly having one too many.

Hotel staff said the ex-convict became angry and turned disruptive, prompting them to call security. They said Simpson became "polite" once security personnel arrived. Security informed Simpson that he was being barred from the luxury hotel.

A recording of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department dispatch talking to an officer on the night of the incident was also obtained by TMZ. In the clip, a voice is heard asking for confirmation on whether Simpson was at the hotel.

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"Orenthal's here," a voice is heard confirming. "Correction: the location. He's actually sitting inside the bar. He was asking about the pizza shop."

An unidentified source told Us Weekly that Simpson was visibly drunk at the time of the incident.

“O.J. was at the Clique bar around midnight. He’s been going to a bunch of their bars recently. He’s been spotted all over the hotel,” the source said. “O.J. was being very unruly, yelling at hotel staff and then knocked over glasses from the bar that shattered onto the floor.”

“It wasn’t the biggest scuffle, but he did cause a scene and it was clear to everyone around him that he was very intoxicated," the source added.

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Malcolm LaVergne, Simpson’s attorney, has refuted reports that his client was drunk. He said Simpson usually has one drink and sips from it while socializing, KTNV reported.

“Like most things I deal with related to Simpson, 99 percent of this is bulls**t,” LaVergne told the New York Daily News.

The hotel has since confirmed that Simpson was barred, KABC reported.

“Cosmopolitan exercised its right to issue a trespass notice," the hotel's attorney said in a statement. "Any private property in Nevada has the right to tell any person that you are trespassing and please don’t come back; if you come back you are subject to a misdemeanor arrest."

Simpson was spotted early the following morning walking through a casino's lobby by sports broadcaster Brian Munz, who took to Twitter to share of a photo of his celebrity sighting.

"Never know who you are going to see in Vegas.... yep, OJ Simpson," Munz wrote.

Simpson is currently living in a $1.8 million home in Las Vegas. He has made several public appearances since leaving prison in early October.

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