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O.J. Simpson Goes On Hunger Strike

Football player turned Most Hated Man in America O.J. Simpson has gone on a hunger strike in a bid to kill himself, sources claim.

“I used to live my way,” Simpson said. “Now I’m going to die my way.”

Simpson is currently serving out a kidnapping, assault and robbery sentence in a Nevada prison. He will be eligible for parole in 2017, though some sources claim he wants to die so his children can inherit his fortune.

Simpson’s millions are largely stored in his pension, which would be divided between his daughters Sydney and Arnelle, as well as his sons Justin and Jason.

"He can't give the kids his money while he's alive without the Goldman family laying claim to it," the anonymous source explained. "The only way O.J. figures he can leave his kids the millions is to kill himself."

The Goldman family was awarded millions of dollars in a wrongful death civil suit after Simpson was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife’s friend Ron Goldman.

Since Simpson’s decision to go on a hunger strike, the inside source reported that he has lost weight and refuses to interact with other inmates.

Sources: Mirror, DailyMail


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