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Paid Autographs Could Send O.J. Simpson Back To Jail

Paid Autographs Could Send O.J. Simpson Back To Jail Promo Image

O.J. Simpson was reportedly photographed signing autographs, a risky move that could send the paroled felon back to prison if he accepted money in exchange and did not declare it.

Simpson, 70, reportedly signed memorabilia, including USC and Buffalo Bills helmets, during an alleged two-hour private session on Oct. 3 in Las Vegas, according to TMZ.

Only two days before, he was released from Lovelock Correctional Center after serving nine years in prison for robbery and kidnapping in 2008, the Daily Mail reports.

Although Simpson was not convicted of murdering his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman, he lost a civil trial and was ordered to pay the families 33.5 million. Simpson is estimated to owe the families $100 million after 22 years of interest.

Some of the cash Simpson earns must go to the Goldman and Brown families. If he received money in exchange for the autographs but did not declare it, then he would have violated federal law.

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Consequently, it means he has violated his parole and can go back to prison.

Simpson was also spotted posing and signing autographs with fans at a Verizon store during his first appearance in public since being released.

"I was in the Verizon store in Vegas yesterday, saw OJ, asked for a picture he said, 'sure,'" recalls one man who met Simpson. "My girlfriend took the picture he said he was doing great and would be hanging out soon."

News that Simpson was signing autographs stirred controversy on the internet, and Simpson's actions angered many.

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"Its unbelievable the arrogance of this man," wrote one person in TMZ's comments section. "I knew someone that went to prison and when he got out he walked around scared "all of the time" that he might accidentally do something that would violate his parole, and put him back in there...... I mean this guy feared it to where he was paranoid.... I guess prison worked for him, but O.J. it looks like with the personality disorder he has....not so much."

"He never learns," said another person. "He needs to live his life quietly without controversy but he just can't help himself. There will always be people after him especially the Brown and Goldman families. Rightfully so. Goldman won a civil suit against him and is entitled to what he won besides a moral victory."

However, others defended the former football star.

"A man with a great heart," wrote one Simpson supporter while defending the autographs. "Las Vegas economy could take a hit yet. [Good] news OJ is there -a person with proven draw capacity."

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