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86-Year-Old Woman Reportedly Told To Take Down Her American Flag

Julia Lease, 86, has been told by her landlord to remove her American flag, which flies outside the town home that she rents in Whitehall, Ohio.

A rental note left on her door by the Estates at Eden of Whitehall had a violation marked in the “Other” category. The note stated: "Please remove flag from your front porch. Thank you!”

“I thought, after all these years, how can they make me take my flag down?” Lease told the Columbus Dispatch. “I can’t see how an American flag can detract from anything.”

Estates at Eden of Whitehall referred questions to the Minnesota-based New Life Multi-Family Management, which has not returned calls from the media.

Ironically, six American flags are posted in the parking lot of the Estates at Eden of Whitehall rental office.

Lease is refusing to take down her flag.

“It means to me that I live in a country worth fighting for,” added Lease. “It belongs up.”

According to the Associated Press, an attorney for the rental company says the owners don't want anything attached to their buildings, including banners or flags that could be controversial or offensive to some people.

Sources: Columbus Dispatch, Associated Press


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