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Ohio Woman Shoots, Kills Man Who Tried To Break Into Her Home

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A woman in Columbus, Ohio, fatally shot a man who was reportedly attempting to break into her home while she slept on the couch.

The intruder had allegedly been chased out of a house across the street in the Franklinton neighborhood of Columbus just before he attempted to break in to the woman’s home. According to The Columbus Dispatch, the man dove out of a second story window of the first house at about 5 a.m. on Feb. 19 and ran across the street to the second. He smashed the front window of the woman’s house and encountered her while she was sleeping on the couch. She awoke, grabbed a gun and fired at the man. He was hit and later died at a nearby hospital.

Sergeant David Sicilian said he wasn’t sure what type of exchange the woman had with the intruder before the shooting took place, but he believed that the woman was trying to defend herself.

“On the surface, everything looks like she acted in self-defense,” Sicilian said.

Both the intruder and the woman have not been identified. Police reportedly interviewed the woman shortly after the man’s death, and will search her home as part of their investigation.

According to The Blaze, the homeowner's son "purchased the gun for his mom, a widow, because he was worried about her safety" one week before this incident took place.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch / Photo Credit: Pixabay


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