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Ohio Woman Sentenced For Manipulating Son To Kill Father (Video)

An Ohio woman who forced her 10-year-old stepson to fatally shoot his father in November 2003, ruled an accident at the time, was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole Thursday.

According to the Toledo Blade, 46-year-old Judith Hawkey of Oakwood, Ohio, was sentenced in Defiance County Common Pleas Court, prosecutor Morris Murray said. She was convicted last month of aggravated murder, four counts of endangering a child and insurance fraud in connection to husband Robert Breininger’s death, which she claims was an accident.

Defense attorney Clayton Crates says Hawkey is expected to appeal her conviction. He also said that he respects the jury’s verdict but believes “the jury got it wrong.”

Hawkey’s stepson, Corey Breininger, now 20, revealed to a former teacher about a year ago that Hawkey collected nearly $500,000 in life insurance from Robert. He says his mother manipulated him to shoot his father, and then lie about it.

Breininger testified at Hawkey's trial and will not be charged in his father's death, Murray said.

"The pain you have put me through should send you straight to hell," said Breininger. reports that during the sentencing, the judge described Hawkey as manipulative and “evil beyond description.”

Court witnesses said Hawkey showed no remorse and denies her actions.

"He [Corey] shot his father purposely, and made up this whole story,” Hawkey said. But there was enough evidence to convince the jury that she was completely to blame.

"Relief,” Breininger said as he describes his feelings to reporters after the sentencing. “I feel like she got what she deserved. I was ready to get it off my chest. I was bearing that burden for so many years."

Corey says now he can get on with his life.

"[I can] stop living in the shadows. I don't have to worry about anything now. My biggest fear... she's gone," said Breininger.


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