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Ohio Woman Scarlet Byrge Smokes Crack, Breaks Into House, Runs Away Topless

Ohio resident Scarlet Byrge was arrested on Tuesday after she smoked some crack, broke into a house, and then tried to run away from the scene without her shirt.

Byrge broke into a house in Elyria, Ohio. The house belongs to the mother-in-law of Elyria resident Terry Vickers. Vickers went to the house because he saw two men sitting in a parked car in the driveway. He also heard strange noises coming from the house, which was supposedly empty at the time.

As Vickers walked up to the house, the car in the driveway drove off. When he went into the house, he saw Byrge trying to steal his mother-in-law’s television. Vickers locked the door and called the police in an attempt to trap Byrge in the house until police arrived. But Byrge didn’t feel like hanging around.

She busted through a window and ran down the street, screaming that she was pregnant as Vickers tried to grab her. Vickers eventually got a hold of Byrge, but she had no intentions of stopping. Not today. Doing her best Earl Campbell impression, Byrge kept running away even as Vickers ripped her shirt off.

Byrge ran topless for several more blocks until she was stopped by a parole officer. When questioned by police, Byrge said that the two men in the car held her at gunpoint and forced her to rob the house. She admitted that she and the men were all high on crack. 

Sources: Chronicle Online


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