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Ohio Woman Says She Received Racist Letter Before Her Truck Was Set On Fire (Video)

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An Ohio woman is on high alert after receiving a threatening and racist letter on a building her family owns (video below).

Youngstown, Ohio, resident Nicole Rhodes recently found the letter, which suggested a potential fire, about three weeks before her car was torched on Aug. 10.

It was her 2006 F-150 that suspiciously caught on fire on Aug. 10.

“Black ‘B----,’ we don’t want you here,” the note read. “Don’t get burnt up in there.”

In a police report, Rhodes said she was scared for her safety after finding the note taped to the door of the building. Rhodes added that the letter has created hate, which is something she doesn’t want to be a part of.

“I don’t want to encourage at all, no type of hate. That’s what this is,” Rhodes said.

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Despite the threats, Rhodes is determined to move her beauty school out of the building she has owned with her family for nearly four years and reopen it somewhere else.

Following an investigation, Youngstown Fire Department Investigator Alvin Ware suggested that someone had purposefully set Rhodes’ car on fire. Police took the truck as evidence.

Although Ware noted that “there’s something going on,” there are currently no leads to who set the fire or who wrote the note.

Sources: WKBN, WYTV / Photo credit: YouTube 


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