Woman Dies Trying To Find Legendary Monster


An Ohio woman was hit and killed by a train while investigating a local urban legend with her boyfriend April 23.

Roquel Bain, 26, was hit by a train and then fell approximately 100 feet, WTOL reports.

"It’s just so sad - a very pretty young girl who had her life in front of her,"  deputy coroner Jack Arnold said, reports Courier-Journal. "It's just so preventable."

The railroad tracks are popular among young people because of a mythical monster -- the "Pope Lick Monster" -- that reportedly resides there.

According to the online edition of Louisville Magazine, the monster is a legendary half-man and half-goat creature, also known as The Goatman, reported to live underneath the railroad tracks near town.

Bain and her unidentified boyfriend, who was uninjured, were visiting the area to take a “haunted” tour of local attraction, the Waverly Hills Sanitorium.

They got sidetracked, however, when they heard about the "Pope Lick Monster" myth.

Intrigued, the couple decided to go to the train tracks and investigate further.

"It's been around for years, even my nieces and nephews used to go and come out here," local resident Denise Harris said. "The Goatman, when they climb up on the trestles and they cross it--he's supposed to come out when they cross it."

It’s a dangerous search, however.

"If they're halfway through [the tracks] and the train comes, you either have to jump, run or basically get it," Harris explained.

"When you're young, you think you live forever; it's a euphoria. Or they think they can outrun the train," Harris added. "That's a long way to run and you can't run that fast."

Other local residents agree that it’s a deadly quest to undergo.

"I see a train pass every thirty minutes or so. It's shocking, people hear about so many deaths and they still take the risk," Michelle Burns said.

"It's sad, I pray for the family, my thoughts are with them but I wish that people would think about what they're doing before they do it--it's definitely dangerous,” Burns added.

Sources: WTOL, Courier-JournalLouisville Magazine / Photo credit: Steven Richard/WAVE 3 News via WTOL

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