Ohio Woman Finds Bird's Leg in Dole Spinach Package

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Check those pre-washed greens before throwing them into the salad bowl or the blender. An Ohio woman discovered a fairly stomach-turning prize in her bag of Dole spinach: a bird's leg, feathers and all.

28-year-old Rose Carducci hadn’t opened the bag when she saw the leg poking out from amidst the healthy greens, according to WEWS.

"As I started looking some more, I saw what looked like nails, like talons and realized, 'Oh my Gosh, this is part of a bird and was horrified," Carducci said.

The only consolation for the mother-of-two was that she didn’t try to serve up the spinach.

"If I would have found it making a smoothie or in a salad, I don't know what I would have done."

Carducci had ordered the spinach with an online grocery order from a Buehler’s supermarket. Manager Dave Cleckner said that he had contacted their wholesaler, Caito Foods in Indiana, and that workers had inspected other bagged greens.

"It definitely was a concern for us, so that's why we looked at our product. We did not find anything on our end," Cleckner said.

Dole said in a statement to the news station that it was “investigating the incident.”

Carducci said she contacted the FDA, as well as Dole’s California headquarters, to let them know about her “fowl” discovery.

A company representative was suspicious at first, Carducci said.

“He said, ‘What you claim to be a bird,’” she told the Akron Beacon Journal. “‘What you claim to be a bird’s foot’ and I said, ‘IT IS!’”

The company offered a courier service to pick up the contaminated package, as well as vouchers for more bagged greens.

Carducci declined the offer.

"I won't be eating bagged lettuce or bagged spinach again," she said.

Sources: WEWS, Akron Beacon Journal


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