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Woman Accused Of Dismembering Husband

Woman Accused Of Dismembering Husband Promo Image

An Ohio woman allegedly killed her husband and lived for months with pieces of his body in their home.

Marcia Eubank, 49, is accused of murdering her husband, 54-year-old Howard Eubank, after the the couple's adult son reported finding parts of Howard's remains in the house in Coventry Township, according to People.

"I just found out my mom killed my dad and I found the pieces of his body in the house," the couple's son told police on Dec. 9, WEWS reports.

The adult son, who has lived on and off with his parents, had climbed through a window into the home after getting locked out. When he came inside, he saw maggots and smelled an odor, before texting his mother to ask what was inside of plastic containers that he had found.

Marcia reportedly told him Howard's remains were inside.

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The son had previously received a text from his father saying he was moving to Texas. Investigators believe that text was actually sent by Marcia from Howard's phone.

"This was a very gruesome scene," said Sheriff Steve Barry. "Very disturbing."

Police searched the home on Dec. 9, but Marcia was not there. The Summit County Sheriff's Department then received a report that Marcia had been seen at a Walmart, and went there to arrest her.

Barry described Marcia's attitude as she was being arrested as almost relieved, according to WJW.

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Marcia is reported to have admitted to killing Howard by shooting him in the back of his head on June 13.

Police say she told them she dismembered his remains with a power saw and other tools, and lived with the decomposing body parts for months, until her son discovered them.

Barry said he "really [couldn't] go into" why Marcia had kept the body parts in her home for months, according to CBS News.

"She explained to detectives her reasons," said the sheriff.

The body parts were found in three different containers in the house, including one in a locked office. The autopsy is not complete, but investigators believe the remains belong to Howard.

Police have also found the gun suspected to have been used in the killing, along with tools that may have been used to dismember the body.

"It’s sick," neighbor Jackie Taylor told the New York Post. "I’ve known these people for over 20 years. It's absolutely devastating. I just can't believe this is all real."

Marcia was charged with one count of murder and booked into a local jail. Her bail was set at $1 million.

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