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Ohio Woman Accused Of Throwing Shopper By The Hair In Wal-Mart (Video)

An Ohio woman was charged with assault after being identified in a Wal-Mart surveillance video (below) which shows her throwing a woman in front of her on the floor by her hair.

Police in Greenville, Ohio, charged Melissa Werts, 46, with assault, reported ABC 22 on Nov. 23. Police say Werts was angry about a customer who she thought had cut in line in an incident that reportedly took place on Nov. 13.

"She grabbed me and she was like wham!" Deanne Kenworthy, the victim, told Fox 45. "I mean she slammed me hard." 

Kenworthy said she was simply waiting in the check-out line at Wal-Mart, and was asked by a cashier to sign some paperwork so she didn't hold up the line.

Fox 45 reports that when Kenworthy was waved over by a customer service representative to complete the transaction, Werts slammed her shopping cart in front of Kenworthy.

"I said, 'Sorry, I don't have time for this,' so she grabs the back of my hair and throws me, I mean literally throws me like a sack of potatoes," Kenworthy said. "When I landed I hit my back and my elbow and busted my head and then when I tried to get back up she kicked me back down."

Greenville Police Officer Morrissa Reed took the incident report, and said Werts had no reason to be angry at Kenworthy, she just felt Kenworthy had cut in line.

"There were two children there, they were in a grocery cart and they were crying, people could hear the woman shouting," Reed said.

Werts was escorted out of the store by an employee, and police released the footage of the incident to the public to identify Werts, whose identity was initially unknown.

"Fighting over a line is like a 10-year-old fighting in a lunch line," Kenworthy told Fox 45. "We are adults here."

Sources: Fox 45, ABC 22 (2) / Photo credit: Greenville Ohio Police/Facebook

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