Ohio Town's Police Department (Staff of 1) Shut Down


What happens when you suspend the only staff member of a police department? Simple -- you leave a town without a police department.

That is the situation in Mount Sterling, Ohio, population 2,000. It seems Police Chief Mike McCoy, the only member of the department following layoffs last year, is now suspended for allegedly covering up a Tasering incident involving the town's only part-time officer.

The Daily Mail reports that the officer was called to an apartment where a nine-year-old boy was refusing to go to school, apparently a major crime in Mount Sterling. When they boy became hostile the officer allegedly used the stun gun on him. The officer no longer works for the department.

McCoy is accused of burying the incident, so city officials suspended him for three days. In the meantime deputies from the Madison County Sheriff's Office will be in charge of keeping the peace until the town council decides McCoy's fate.


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