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Teen Dies After Caffeine Overdose

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Ohio teenager Logan Stiner was weeks away from his high school graduation when his brother found him unresponsive in their family's Elyria home. The boy was pronounced dead at the scene.

Stiner, 18, had been named his school's prom king this year and was in the prime of his young life when the accidental overdose so abruptly killed him. According to Fox 8, "Keystone Local School District Superintendent Jay Arbaugh described him as a top student, a top athlete and a great kid."

An autopsy performed this past weekend has revealed that Stiner died of a caffeine overdose. The high levels of caffeine in the boy's blood caused a cardiac arrhythmia, which led to a seizure.

Lorain County coroner Dr. Stephen Evans has confirmed that, at his time of death, Stiner's blood had a caffeine level of 70 micrograms per liter. Evans told the Lorain Chronicle that 50 micrograms was a lethal level. This means that Stiner's blood contained nearly 50 percent more than the amount of caffeine considered to be lethal at the time of his death.

"[Logan] was a young, healthy guy," Evans told the Chronicle. "People don’t realize [caffeine] could potentially kill you." Evans went on to say that Stiner did not suffer from any cardiac conditions, implying that caffeine was the only contributing factor to the boy's untimely death.

Stiner had been using caffeine powder as part of a "pre-workout mix" that he would drink regularly, though "he had no clue what he was doing," according to his mother.

Fox 8 reports, "about 1/16 of a teaspoon of the powder is equal to one can of Mountain Dew or any high-powered caffeine drink." This means that just one tablespoon of the caffeine powder would have been equal to 50 such drinks.


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