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Ohio Teenager Claims He Accidentally Killed Friend While The Two Were Playing with Knives and Smoking Marijuana

An 18-year-old girl was tragically killed after she and a friend were playing around with knives and the friend, 17-year-old Adrien McGee, threw a knife at her. He claims that he was aiming for a tree, but because the two were high on marijuana, he missed and the knife struck her in the neck.

When McGee realized that the knife struck 18-year-old Danielle Michaels, he fled the scene and went on with his evening, reportedly shopping at Best Buy and watching sports with his brother at a local Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. McGee’s parents claim that their son only left because he didn’t know how to handle the situation and that the whole thing was an accident. Police found the young woman’s body behind her school in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

“Once we identified the victim we were able to do some fairly quick backtracking and determine who she had spent some of the time with over the weekend,” said Reynoldsburg Police Chief Jim O’Neill, who also says McGee wound up confessing his involvement to police. “This person confessed and gave us significant indication that he was aware of the condition of the body, and the crime scene led us to believe at that point that we have the right person,'

While McGee maintains that his involvement in the death of his friend was an accident, police say that he knew exactly what he was doing. According to reports, they also claim that the teenager cut Michaels' arm with the knife.

McGee currently remains detained in a juvenile detention center. It is likely that although McGee is only 17, he will be tried as an adult.

A hearing is scheduled for November 27th.


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