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Ohio Teen Raises Money For Quadriplegic 4-Year-Old Boy’s Service Dog (Video)

An Ohio teen is raising money to buy a service dog for a perfect stranger.

Haley Helton, 17, organized car wash in Huber Heights to accept donations for a 4-year-old boy who suffers from cerebral palsy and schizencephaly, a rare brain defect.

Jesse Burns is quadriplegic, has difficulty talking and swallowing, suffers seizures, has hearing loss and several other conditions. He undergoes five to seven hours of a therapy each week.

As Jesse gets older he’s going to need more support. Service dogs are capable of responding to seizures, providing balance, and ever powering a wheelchair. But a service dog would cost at least $14,000.

“He’s stuck in a wheel chair and he can’t really speak very well but he does signs and kind of the scoots around on the ground for when his family cant be there or when he’s just at home so the dog can turn on lights and detect anything that’s wrong,” Helton told WDTN-TV.

When asked why she chose to help Jesse, the teen said: “If you could reach out to somebody, why wouldn’t you help someone if you could?”

Sources: WDTN-TV, Huffington Post

Image source: WDTN-TV


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