'These Are Despicable, Reprehensible Crimes': Ohio Trooper Sentenced To 5 Years For Coercing Women Into Sex


After admitting to coercing four women into sexual acts, a former Ohio state trooper was sentenced to 5 years in prison on Thursday.

Bryan D. Lee, 31, was convicted of telling women that he would disregard their traffic violations if they engaged in sex acts with him. 

He was accused of four counts of violating the civil rights of female motorists as well as one count of cyberstalking, according to the NY Daily News.

He pleaded guilty to all charges in October.

“These are despicable, reprehensible crimes perpetrated by someone with a badge against young women who were helpless to defend themselves,” District Court Judge Michael Watson said. “Your lack of insight is of very cold comfort to them today, I’m sure.”

An investigation revealed that Lee had told the women he would not file charges against them or write them up for traffic violations if they performed sex acts.

He also went as far as harassing and threatening some of his victims, sending several messages to one woman on Facebook.

"Saw you at the fair, Pink Sweatshirt,” he wrote in one message. “You not even going to talk to me?"

According to the NY Daily News, he also asked one woman if he could take a photo of her topless, and tore up her traffic ticket before having sex with her. 

The investigation began after one woman filed a complaint that Lee groped her breasts and rubbed his genitals on her while she was handcuffed.

Lee is also a father of three.

Source: The NY Daily News, RT, The Columbus Dispatch

Photo Credit: Dayton Daily News


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