Ohio State Trooper Allegedly Helped Drunk Police Officer

Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper Tammy Soto answered a call in September 2014 near Amherst, Ohio, about a truck traveling the wrong direction on a road.

Trooper Soto reportedly recognized the driver of the truck as William Lachner, a police officer in Lorain, Ohio.

Trooper Soto's husband is also an officer in Lorain.

According to WKYC, Trooper Soto's dashcam video filmed her apparently coaching Officer Lachner not to say anything while walking him to her cruiser. Trooper Soto soon turned off her dashcam.

There was no sobriety test performed on the video.

Fox 8 Cleveland notes that Trooper Soto moved Officer Lachner's truck so that if faced the right direction on the road.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol reportedly found that Trooper Soto falsified Officer Lachner’s OVI citation to get him a court that would be favorable.

Officer Lachner eventually pleaded no contest to the OVI, which is driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, according to the Ohio State Bar Association. 

Trooper Soto was subsequently let go by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, which claimed that she didn't follow this policy: "The officer should declare on the recording the reason for suspension prior to deactivation," noted WKYC.

Officer Lachner is still employed by the Lorain Police Department, while Trooper Soto is appealing her firing.

Sources: WKYC, Ohio State Bar Association, Fox 8 Cleveland
Image Credit: Ohio State Highway Patrol Logo


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