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Ohio Officers Release Dog On Black Man Filming Them (Video)

Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers released a police dog on an African-American man, Dannie Oliver, who was live streaming video of the police arresting his cousin on Jan. 23 in Akron. The state police released a dashcam video of the same incident on Jan. 24 (videos below).

The Akron Beacon Journal notes that Samuel Tolbert, Oliver's cousin, was pulled over by the troopers because he did not have a rear license plate.

Tolbert did not immediately stop his car after troopers turned their siren on, but instead continued to drive the two blocks to Oliver’s home.

Tolbert later told the troopers that he didn't know they were pulling him over until he was on Oliver's street.

According to Oliver, the troopers slammed Tolbert on the ground and had their Taser guns out. Tolbert asked Oliver to get his ID from his car and call his mom.

However, while Oliver was searching for the ID in the vehicle, a trooper screamed at him: "Listen! Get out of the car! Get out of the car right now!"

Oliver tried to explain that he was getting Tolbert's ID, but the trooper yelled: "I don’t care! Get inside your house! You're about to go to jail! Get in your house! You're about to go to jail! It’s called obstructing official business!"

The trooper released the police dog on Oliver who can be heard screaming.

The trooper ordered Oliver to stop fighting the dog, which was biting Oliver's leg; the trooper subsequently handcuffed Oliver.

The Akron Beacon Journal reports that Oliver was charged with obstructing official business, while Tolbert was charged with obstructing official business, willful fleeing, a probation violation and drug abuse.

Highway Patrol Lt. Robert Sellers announced on Jan. 24 that Oliver was taken to a hospital for the dog bites. Sellers also said the agency was reviewing the video, which has spurred accusations of racism on social media:

I can’t even watch this s*** anymore. The way POC [people of color] are treated in this ‘first world’ country makes me embarrassed for our country.

This has lawsuit written all over it! This is unacceptable. Period.

When his friend asked him to get his ID from the car, cop should simply have said "Don’t do that, sir. It’s not allowed."

Oliver wrote a note to his supporters -- and detractors -- on his Facebook page on Jan. 26:

Yo I would like to thank everyone that showed any type of real concern in my situation with recent Ohio State Troopers. An to everyone who something negative to say y'all know what y'all can do, I ain't hard to find... An F**K YOU

In the Ohio State Highway Patrol dashcam video, the Oliver incident happens at the 3:00 mark.



Sources: Akron Beacon Journal, Dannie Oliver/Facebook / Photo Credit: Dannie Oliver/Facebook

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