Ohio School Forced To Lock Down After Receiving Shooting Massacre Threat From Muslim Man Angry With Israel


A high school in Ohio was under lockdown last week after officials received a shooting threat from a man angry over the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

According to reports, a Muslim man with a thick foreign accent called Pickerington North High School last week claiming to have an AK-47 and threatening to murder students because he was angry about the war going on in the Middle East.

“The school received a call [at around 11:15 a.m.] from a male with a heavy accent and he indicated that he was going to attack Pickerington North due to attacks on Israel and was going to kill the kids and that he had an AK-47 gun,” said Fairfield County Sheriff Dave Phalen, who claimed the man identified himself as Mohammed Shehad. “My sense is that due to the way he identified himself it sounds like he was upset at Israel.”

Following the lockdown on Wednesday, all classes and activities were cancelled due to the investigation, but the school decided to reopen the next day. Phalen says that so far, no arrests have been made in the case.

“We have had a growing problem here in the Columbus area for years that local law enforcement and the media want to continue to sweep under the carpet,” said Columbus-based terrorism analyst Patrick Poole to The Washington Free Beacon. “Not only has central Ohio been the home of the largest known al-Qaeda cell since 9/11—with several members currently in prison on terrorism charges and at least two deported—we’ve had a number of cases of homegrown jihadists come through town. Now that the threat is targeting area school children, hopefully it will begin to wake people up to the scope of the problem.”

Sources: Christian News Network, The Washington Free Beacon, WOSU


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