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Ohio Postal Worker Wouldn’t Process Gun Shipment After Citing ‘Religious Beliefs’

A firearms business based in Columbus, Ohio, initially had some trouble getting a legal shipment of a gun processed at a local post office.

Last week Eric Delbert and his father Philip, who are both part-time police officers and co-owners of LEPD Firearms & Range, a gun store and shooting range in Columbus, sold a gun to a buyer in Kentucky. After taking the steps necessary to legally ship the purchase, they took the box to a Columbus branch of the USPS.

When the elder Delbert brought the package in to the post office and showed the postal clerk the box and the already completed form, the clerk refused to touch the package and told Phillip, “Because of my religious beliefs, I cannot process your package,” according to The Blaze.

The clerk told Phillip to take his package and step aside to an unattended window. He did so, waiting for another clerk to come out from the back and help him, but no one did. Eric called his father to find out what was going on and then managed to contact another person at the branch, who came out to process the order.

The Blaze spoke with postal representative David Van Allen who also investigated the claims. A few hours after being contacted, Van Allen told The Blaze that the incident had been confirmed and he admitted “it never should have happened.”

The employee involved in the incident had been “talked to” and that “the situation will not be repeated.” Van Allen also offered a sincere apology to the Delberts, adding they should contact the manager of the local station for a personal apology.

LEPD Firearms & Range’s website states that they stock a variety of today’s popular handguns, rifles and shotguns as well as all the accessories needed for today’s avid shooter and that their friendly staff is specially trained to help you find the right firearm for your needs.

Sources: The Blaze, LEPD Firearms & Range


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