Ohio Police Stop Van Driving With Puppies On The Roof (Video)

A family from Ashland County, Ohio, had no idea they had caused a stir when they drove their minivan along Interstate 76 while transporting four puppies -- on the top of their car roof.

Police reportedly stopped the Steiner family (traffic stop video shown below) in East Akron after multiple phone calls from concerned motorists who had noticed the van traveling at around 50 miles per hour with four puppes in a cage attached to the roof, reports Akron Beacon Journal.

Wendall Steiner, his wife, Candace, and their four young children were in the van when police pulled them over and questioned them about the unorthodox way they were traveling with the puppies, all of which were 3 months old.

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"We had more important things to put inside the vehicle," Steiner reportedly explained to the cops. "We have four children."

As it turns out, the family, who are Mennonites from Nova, Ohio, were transporting the mixed-breed dogs to Candace's family in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, which is located about 300 miles away from their home. 

Steiner said he had no idea he was breaking the law, nor did the family realize so many people had called the police out of concern. The family reportedly turned the dogs over to police, who said they would be given to the Humane Society of Greater Akron, reports the Huffington Post. No charges were filed against Steiner.

The puppies have been examined by a veterinarian and, aside from being "shaken up," appear to be healthy.

Sources: Akron Beacon Journal, Huffington Post


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