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Ohio Police Search For 'Bowel Movement Bandit' Who Poops On Cars (Video)

Police in Akron, Ohio, are searching for a white male suspect who has allegedly been pooping on cars.

According to the, the suspect has defecated on at least 19 cars over the past three years.

The so-called "Bowel Movement Bandit" usually defecates on parked autos in people's driveways between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Fortunately, he was caught in the act on Wednesday morning by one family that set up a camera after being hit seven times, noted News 5 (video below).

Another victim says his car has been hit six times with feces smeared on various parts of the vehicle.

The Akron Police said today that they have gotten several tips since airing the suspect's picture, which shows him with his pants down and squatting.

Sources:, News 5
Image Credit: News 5/Akron Police Screenshot


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