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Ohio Police Identifies Murder Victim Hanging From Fence Near Construction Site


Police have reportedly identified the body of a woman found hanging from a fence in a southern Ohio city, and a local man has been charged with her murder.

Chillicothe Police Chief Keith Washburn announced in a press conference held at 4 p.m. on Oct. 14 that the woman has been identified as 31-year-old Rebecca Cade of Chillicothe, Ohio, WCPO reports.

Cade was reportedly found hanging by a shirt sleeve from a chain-link fence near an American Electric Power construction site located at the corner of North Brownell Street and Hardin Drive in Chillicothe.

A local man first discovered the body at 8:30 a.m. on Oct. 13 while walking his dog, but he dismissed it as a Halloween prank, according to WCPO. 

The woman allegedly died from blunt force trauma to the head and neck and had "obvious injuries," the police said. 

Officials also said that a "large rock the size of an orange or grapefruit" was found at the scene, and it is believed to be the murder weapon. 

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Chillicothe resident Donnie Cochenour Jr., 27, has been arrested and charged with murder in connection with Cade's death. He is currently being held in jail on $2 million bond after waiving a preliminary hearing. A grand jury is scheduled to hear his case on Oct. 23. 

Cochenour, who has several arrests on his record, was taken into custody at 6:15 p.m. on the night of Oct. 13 after an anonymous tip from a member of the community led police to his home on Three Locks Road, according to the Chillicothe Gazette. He was arraigned the next morning. 

Police said Cochenour, whose clothes were bloody, admitted to having an altercation with Cade near the area where the body was found. A trail of Cade's blood discovered at the scene leads investigators to believe that an argument took place in the open field by the fence and that Cade ran away from the suspect.  

Police also suspect that Cade climbed the chain-link fence in an attempt to escape her pursuer and was likely killed on the fence.

Cochenour was not tested for alcohol or drugs at the time of his arrest, although Washburn said in the press conference that he might have been drunk. 

Ashley Kellough, 30, of Chillicothe, said she had been friends with Cade for over 20 years and was saddened by the news of her death. 

“[Cade] was cool, calm, collective, had great heart,” Kellough told the Chillicothe Gazette. “She was a great girl.”

Kellough, who was also acquainted with the suspect in the case for a long period of time, added, "I can't believe Donnie would do something like this."

The relationship between Cade and her alleged killer is not clear, other than the fact that they were "some type of acquaintances," according to police. 

Cade's body was found in the same Ohio city where a string of suspicious deaths and disappearances involving women has led police to believe that there may be a serial killer at large. Four women have been found dead in the city since lMay 2014, and two others have been reported missing, according to WCPO. 

Although Cade's death doesn't appear to be connected to the these other killings in the area, the mother of one of the suspected serial killing victims has offered her support to Cade's loved ones.    

"My heart goes out to the family,” Angela Robinson, the mother of murder victim Tameka Lynch, told WCPO. “No parent is ever supposed to feel this pain. You're not supposed to bury your child."

Lynch's body was found on a sandbar near Paint Creek on May 24, 2014, according to CBS News. The FBI and local police are currently investigating the possible serial murders in Chillicothe. 

Sources: WCPO, Chillicothe Gazette, CBS News

Photo Credit: Submitted photo via Chillicothe Gazette, Police photo via WCPO


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