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Police: Razor Blade Discovered In Teen's Candy After Trick-Or-Treating

Ohio police reportedly found a razor blade in a piece of candy collected by children on Oct. 29. 

Authorities in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, confirmed that a disposable razor blade was found in a bite-sized Snickers bar after a group of children divided up their candy at home after trick-or-treating, 10TV reports.

The children reportedly discovered the blade when a 14-year-old girl bit into the bite-sized bar.

Reynoldsburg Police Lt. Shane Mauger said the blade was stuffed into the center of the candy to conceal it.

No injuries were reported in the incident.

10TV shared some of the signs of suspicious candy to be beware of, including:

  • Loose wrappers
  • Isn't in its original wrapping
  • Unsealed/partly wrapped
  • Lumps or bulges underneath the wrappers
  • Unusual/unpleasant smell
  • Passed expiration dates

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics,the most common cause of hospital visits among children around Halloween has nothing to do with candy. In a study done in 2006, the organization found eye injuries from sharp objects, burns from flammable costumes, and injuries from car collisions are the most common reasons kids visit the hospital on Halloween.

Sources: 10TV, American Academy of Pediatrics / Photo credit: Video Screenshot


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