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Ohio Police Enter The Wrong Home Looking For Suicidal Woman, Kill Family's Dog

An Ohio police officer shot and killed a family’s dog while searching for a possibly suicidal woman in the wrong house.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to a Richland County home for an attempted suicide November 24 after a woman reportedly called the suicide hotline, reports WEWS. The caller said that she tried to hang herself with an extension cord, but it broke.

Police said that they could hear a dog barking when they arrived at the home. They knocked on the front door and got no answer, so they checked with dispatchers that this was the correct address. 

The officers then found an unlocked side door and walked into the home, announced several times that they were inside. Still, no one answered.

One officer said that he had his Taser ready in case the dog was aggressive. He then went upstairs where he spotted the dog. One of the officers tried to secure the dog in a bedroom when the dog growled and showed his teeth, then charged when the officer started walking.

The officer shot the dog three times. The dog, a 9-month-old named Zeus, then laid down and died on a child’s bed.

The homeowner is Tiffany McGregor, who lives there with her husband and three children. She described Zeus as “never vicious, just a big baby.”

“I feel like he was scared to death,” McGregor said. “He protected us but we couldn’t be here to protect him.”

The woman who attempted suicide used to live in the home that McGregor now owns, though the family does not know her. Deputies used the last known address of the woman to track her down. She has still not been found.

According to the New York Daily News, the McGregor family is considering legal action against the Sheriff’s department.

Sources: WEWSNew York Daily News / Photo Credit: WEWS

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