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Ohio Police Capture Woman Stealing Stuffed Animal From Gravesite (Video)

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Law enforcement officials in Ontario, Ohio have captured a suspect on camera seemingly stealing a stuffed animal from a child’s gravesite. The authorities are attempting to identify the woman using the footage they have obtained. 

The grave site from which the stuffed animal was stolen belongs to Hayden Cole Sheridan, a 14-month-old child who passed away in 2007. Sheridan’s family reported multiple items, such as toys and night lights, had gone missing from the burial site throughout the past several years. 

According to 10TV, police set up the camera in response to reports of these missing items. True to the family’s reports, the camera captured a suspect allegedly stealing a large stuffed animal from the grave site in Mansfield Memorial Park. The incident took place on April 19, only four to five after Sheridan’s parents Scott and Jaclyn had left a stuffed animal of a yellow duck at their son’s burial site.

The video of the suspect can be viewed below, via the Coshocton Tribune. 

Post by Ontario Police.


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