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Ohio Parents Furious Over Transgender Student Using Girls Bathroom At School (Video)

Many parents in McDermott, Ohio, are furious that a transgender female student, who is biologically a male, is using the girls bathroom at Northwest Elementary School (video below).

"If you have a child who has boy anatomy, let him go to the boys restroom," Karen Jones, a parent, told the Northwest School Board meeting on Tuesday, notes WOWK-TV.

"If you have a child who has girls anatomy let them go to the girls restroom. It's simple!" Jones added.

There are unisex bathrooms available on campus, but Northwest School Board officials say they can't force the transgender student to use those bathrooms because of Title IX, a federal statute which does not allow discrimination based on gender identity.

Title IX doesn't specifically mention bathrooms, but if a school violates it, then the school could lose federal funding and may be sued.

Keith Crabtree, president of the Northwest School Board, told angry parents at the meeting:

When you address it as though it's the board or that it's this district alone, that's, that's not correct. So, I just want to correct that because this is national thing, this is not our decision. We don't have the power to make a decision like that.

However, resident Patty Crabtree told WOWK-TV:

I despise it. We're Christians, we don't believe in this all these different types of males and females, you know what we have now. We have slowly watched all of our rights, not all of them, but our Christian rights are being taken from us. We are tired of it.

"We're dealing with a transgender student at the elementary, which is something that is a new experience for this district and staff," Northwest Local Schools Superintendent Todd Jenkins told WOWK-TV last week.

"You know, our job is to educate every child regardless of gender, we want to make sure that every child is safe," Jenkins added.

Sources: WOWK-TV (2) / Photo Credit: WOWK-TV Screenshot


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