Ohio "Mullet Bandit" Bank Robber Strikes Again


The Ohio bank robber known as the "mullet bandit" has struck again, even though he apparently tried to hide his trademark 1980s hairstyle in this latest heist.

The FBI said a man matching the description of the man wanted for two previous robberies struck a bank in Grove City, a suburb of Columbus, on Wednesday morning. He handed a teller a note, saying he had a gun and demanded cash.

He was wearing his usual dark sunglasses and Seattle Mariners baseball cap, according to the report in Reuters.

At first it appeared he had updated his hairstyle. But a closer inspection of surveillance photos shows he tucked his mullet underneath the hat.

"Tricky guy," said Harry Trombitas, the FBI agent tracking him.

He is wanted in connection with two previous bank robberies in Columbus on May 5 and May 18.


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