Ohio Mother's Murder Remains Unsolved After 3 Months


Three months after a family’s daughter was shot dead in Ripley, Ohio, beside her toddler daughter, the killer has still not been found.

According to the Daily Mail, the death of Brittany Stykes, 22, on Aug. 28 remains unsolved, and the lack of answers from the police department has frustrated her family.

“I was hoping this would be done before the holidays but the way things are going, I’m kind of afraid this is going to go on forever,” said Mary Dodson, 46, as she cried. “We’re in limbo. We can’t do anything. We can’t move on because we don’t know who did this and why.”

The Associated Press reported that police found Brittany shot dead in her yellow Jeep in Ripley, about 45 miles southeast of Cincinnati.

Her 14-month-old daughter, Aubree, survived a gunshot wound to the head and underwent four surgeries.

Stykes was five months pregnant, and her unborn child also died.

She was the second oldest of five children, and stayed at home to spend all day with her family while her husband, Shane Stykes, 37, worked at a factory in Cincinnati, Mary Dodson said.

Investigators have been following up on hundreds of tips, interviewing Stykes’ acquaintances and keeping the case in the public eye. A $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to her killer.

Sgt. Buddy Moore, the lead detective on the case, has been forcing three people to answer questions through grand jury subpoenas, including one of Shane Stykes’ ex-girlfriends.

The other two witnesses have not been identified, including one who blew off the subpoena and didn’t make a court appearance. Moore is working to make that person come in for questioning, calling it “the biggest key we have right now,” he says.

Stykes disapproved of the investigation and said an agency with more homicides experience should take over.

“By now they should know something. They don’t know anything,” he said. “It’s three months later, they don’t even have a crime scene, they don’t have any leads, they don’t have any suspects — I think that’s pretty obvious that it’s time for someone else to step in.”


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