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Mother Reportedly Decapitated Her 3-Month-Old Daughter


Ohio law enforcement officials charged a woman for the horrific murder of her 3-month-old daughter.

Sources say that the child was decapitated.

Officers arrested Deasia Watkins, 20, for aggravated murder on Monday after she was discovered in her home with the dead child, Janiyah.

In the incident report, officials only noted that the child was killed by "homicidal violence." However, sources at local station FOX19 reported that the child's head was severed.

Watkins has been taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for mental evaluation.

It was a group of children who brought the child's murder to the attention of officials, calling 911 after finding her in the house with the child's body.

That day, on the normally quiet neighborhood, the street was filled with activity. 

"It was a lot of commotion going on out here this morning," said Jimmie Graham, who lived on the street where Watkins and the baby were found. "They had the crime tape up, and I figured when the crime tape was up, somebody got hurt or killed or something.

"She must have been out of her mind," he added. "I heard she cut the baby's head off."

According to local station WKRC, Janiyah had just recently been placed in another family member's care. It is unknown how her mother got her back. However, family members were seen at the house on the day of the child's murder.

It is also unclear whether Watkins was living at the house where she and the baby were found; property records show that she was living 10 miles away in an apartment, the Daily Mail reports.

"We're going to go over the evidence that we have, and try and make sense of this murder which, seems to us, is very senseless," said Dr. Lakshmi Sammarco, the County Coroner. 

"We're trying to do right by this child," Sammarco added. "We need to bring some justice for this baby."

Source: The UK Daily Mail Photo Credit: The Daily Mail, Fox 19


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