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Ohio Mother Admits To Killing Three Sons

A 23-year-old Ohio mother told police Tuesday that she intentionally killed her three sons because her husband never paid attention to their daughter.

Brittany Pilkington was arrested after the death of 3-month-old Noah Pilkington early Tuesday morning.

“In her mind, she was protecting her daughter from being not as loved as the boys were by their father,” said Logan county Prosecutor William Gosley, who interviewed Pilkington Tuesday, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Noah’s death followed the death of Gavin Pilkington, aged 4, on April 6, and 3-month-old Niall Pilkington on July 22, 2014.

“Our son’s not breathing,” Brittany was reported to have said during a 911 call when Gavin stopped breathing, according to CBS. “He’s turning white.”

Hailey, the 3-year-old daughter, was taken in to custody Tuesday by a child welfare agency.

“I just feel real bad for my brother,” said Jim Pilkington, who is the brother of Joseph Pilkington, the children’s father. “It’s messed up.”

38-year-old Joseph was allegedly considering checking himself in to a hospital because he was so devastated by the news, the Dispatch reported.

Jim added that Noah was removed from the home after the death of Gavin in April, but a judge recently ruled that it was safe for him to return.

Joe Skaggs, Brittany’s uncle, believed that returning the two children was a mistake.

“Why would you give them back after a little boy just died and when you’re in the middle of an investigation?” queried Skaggs.

Residents and other members of the local community were shaken by the revelation.

“It makes me sick just thinking about it, three little kids killed at the hands of their mom,” said neighbor Roger Robinson, who lives downstairs from the family.

“The tragic deaths of Niall, Gavin and Noah leave a pit in our stomachs today,” commented Bellefontaine Police Chief Brandon Standley.

James Breaston, another neighbor, recalled how Joseph and Brittany responded differently to Gavin’s death.

“He was crying, the tears were rolling, and she was just cold,” said Breaston. “She just stared like nothing happened.”

CBS reported that no details on an attorney for Brittany Pilkington were available. She was due in court today, according to the Dispatch.

Sources: columbus Dispatch, CBS News/ photo credit: Columbus Dispatch


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