Prosecutor: Ex-Mayor Admitted To Raping Child

A former Ohio mayor, Richard Keenan, has allegedly confessed to sexually assaulting a child, prosecutors in the case said.

Keenan, 65, was mayor of Hubbard from 2010 to 2011. He was indicted in August and charged with eight counts of gross sexual imposition, eight counts of rape, and four counts of attempted rape, according to WKBN. He was released on $75,000 bond.

"We received a complaint that a child had been molested," Police Chief James Taafe said. "Our detective bureau and Detective David Oaks investigated the complaint and presented the results of that investigation to the grand jury."

Keenan pleaded not guilty at an arraignment in August, but prosecutors say that he has admitted to repeatedly raping the victim, who was 4 when the abuse began in 2013, according to Raw Story.

Court documents state that, when confronted by his wife about the allegations, Keenan said, "I did it."

He also reportedly confessed to the crime during group therapy at a local hospital before voluntarily checking into a psychiatric ward. There, he discussed the sexual assault with a social worker, reportedly describing the child as a "willing participant" and claiming that she initiated the sexual contact.

Keenan, an alleged devout Christian, is also said to have spoken to his pastor about the abuse.

Prosecutors are now requesting that Judge Peter Kontos allow Keenan's reported confessions to be used as evidence in court. If Kontos rules them to be privileged, prosecutors will not be allowed to present them at trial.

According to Ohio law, pastors are not obligated to testify in court with regard to information given to them by a member of their congregation.

Keenan, who served on City Council before becoming mayor, faces a potential life sentence if convicted.

Sources: WKBN, Raw Story / Photo credit: Raw Story

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