Ohio: Man Turns Tables On Would-Be ATM Robber


Man Turns Tables On Would-Be ATM Robber

An attempted robbery at a bank ATM was thwarted early Wednesday morning when the would-be victim produced a loaded handgun.

It happened at Fifth Third bank near the corner of Karl and Morse roads on the city’s northeast side.

Erik Tehoke said he pulled his vehicle up to the ATM at about 1 a.m. to withdraw cash when a man walked up to his vehicle.

“I was sitting in the driver’s seat and my window was down. He came right up to the mirror and told me to give me all my money,” Tehoke said.

That’s when Tehoke, 27, reached for his holster, 10TV’s Kevin Landers reported.

“I reached for my gun and he took off and ran,” Tehoke said.

Tehoke, who works as a security guard, got his concealed carry permit only three months ago, Landers reported.

He credited his training with keeping him calm throughout the ordeal.

“I didn’t get scared, I didn’t get nervous,” Tehoke said. “It was just an instant reaction.”

Tehoke said his training also prevented him from opening fire on the would-be robber.

“I didn’t see anything that looked like a knife or looked like a gun,” he said. “It was just an instant reaction and I pulled my weapon.”

Tehoke pondered what would have happened if he had left his gun at home, like he almost did.

“The funny thing is I almost didn’t take it with me that night,” he said. “I’m happy I did.”



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