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Ohio Man Struggles With Cop, Steals Police Car (Video)

An unidentified man was caught on video (below) stealing a police cruiser in the Village of Oakwood, Ohio, on Nov. 1.

Witness and Facebook user Bub Ban Lee began filming as the man and the officer struggled in the middle of the street.

Lee wrote on his Facebook page: "HASH TAG?........NOT TODAY!!! ......i thought he was dead for sure! somebody prayed for this one! #southMileslivesMATTER."

WOIO identified the police officer as Mike Smith.

According to police, Smith pulled the man over on Interstate 271, but when Smith stopped his cruiser, the man sped off.

The man exited onto a surface street, and crashed into another vehicle. The man reportedly left the car, and tried to get into other cars, but Smith used a Taser on him.

When Smith tried to handcuff the man, the suspect struggled with him, which is about when the video picks up.

Their battle carried over to a sidewalk where a 70-year-old bystander tried to help the officer, notes WEWS.

The man got a hold of Smith's Taser, reports WOIO, ran toward the cruiser and got into the driver's side.

Smith opened the passenger side door, but the cruiser suddenly pulled away, leaving the officer behind.

According to police, the man sideswiped two cars in the stolen vehicle, notes WEWS. The stolen car may have been used in some robberies.

The man reportedly crashed the police cruiser into a tree in Cleveland. Officers believe that he fled on foot and is armed.

Smith was treated for his injuries at a local hospital.

Commenters on Lee's Facebook page wrote:

"Dudes like is why [is] our race never taken seriously. I wouldn't have even been mad if he was shot."

"And this is the problem with criminalizing police for doing their jobs. Thay guy should have been shot. But the cop was probly afraid to becausw of repurcussions."

"What the hell is he thinking."

"I would of shot him to bad to sad you want to run and fight getting arrested then you are going to get shot he deserved that one."

Sources: WEWSWOIOBub Ban Lee/Facebook / Photo credit: Bub Ban Lee/Facebook via YouTube

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