Ohio Man Rodney Watkins Chooses To Smoke Crack Cocaine Inside Police Station


A man in Ohio was recently caught smoking crack cocaine, but the location he chose to smoke it is nearly unbelievable.

The Inquisitr reports that after being taken to a police station in Ohio, Rodney Watkins was left alone in an interview room while officers conducted their investigation. After a short period of time, Watkins reportedly pulled out a crack pipe and lit up.

An officer was monitoring the room and the incident was captured on video.

It all apparently started when Watkins provided a fake driver’s license to the cops during a routine traffic stop. He was then taken down to the police station to determine if he had any outstanding warrants for his arrest.

After he chose to smoke the crack cocaine, Watkins was arrested for drug abuse and possession of paraphernalia.

WCPO reports that court documents state "the subject produced a glass pipe and lighter, and lit the pipe and attempted to smoke the remaining crack." There were three different cameras inside the interview room.

Watkins is 46, but police in Philadelphia recently dealt with a crack cocaine incident involving a youngster.

When a teacher at a preschool asked a 4-year-old to empty his pockets, he reportedly had a wad of cash totaling $173 and eight bags filled with an off-white chunky substance of what appeared to be crack cocaine, according to The Inquirer.

Police and district officials weren’t sure at the time where the child got the baggies and the cash.

Sources: The Inquisitr, WCPO, The Inquirer


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